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Ptx Power-to-X

Ptx places high demands on materials, testing and storage

Ptx is essential for green conversion of the energy supply. It places great demands on the companies that must develop and mature products and technologies that must support the development.


Power-to-X Elektrolyse

Renewable hydrogen and e-fuels at scale are critical to fully decarbonising our society. They are the only known route to decarbonising large parts of our heavy industry and transportation which is essential if we are to constrain global temperature increase to 1.5 °C by end-century.

Ptx produtcs and Hydrogen is not a new fuel source: its characteristics as a potent and light energy carrier are well-established. Even before the first 19th century power grids, hydrogen was used for small scale lighting and early aeronautics.

E-fuels are less energy efficient than hydrogen which, in turn, is less energy efficient than electrification: so decarbonization pathways must focus on electrification first, renewable hydrogen second and thirdly using e-fuels in those sectors which cannot be directly electrified.

Read this exciting article from Oersted: A path to scaling production and uptake of renewable hydrogen and sustainable e-fuels

Ptx Hydrogen storage

den Danske Riviera
Ptx is a crucial factor in the transition to green energy

The surplus heat at a major electrolysis station and hydrogen production in Skibstrup would be enough to heat the whole of Elsinore with ground to water heat pumps in a new district heating plant to replace the highly CO2-laden wood chip boiler.

Today, cooled oil is used, partly to cool down our transformer stations and to cool down the already buried 400KW cables from our cable stations. That oil is fossil fuel and must of course be replaced with liquid hydrogen under pressure, which will help reduce CO2 emissions and will be much cheaper and more efficient.

Perhaps it is possible to construct a hydrogen pressure line with a cap that can transport the direct electrical energy The wind farms can transfer to direct consumption without energy loss during heat generation.

Elsinore is strategically important

Power to X Helsingør

Elsinore enjoys a unique strategically favorable location and whose Minister of Energy Dan Jørgensen takes seriously the development of Power to x and Green Energy as an obvious export product, - Then Elsinore's strategic location is suitable for a large-scale production of Ethanol - Ammonia (NH3) - Electricity - Gas and hydrogen for export. - The area, 69 ha, in Skibstrup, the Municipality has bought with a view to establishing a solar park, but now we know that solar energy in Denmark globally emits more CO2 than facilitative fuels. From the failed Biogas adventure, Elsinore has a large gas network that has never been used, perhaps it could be recycled to Hydrogen stands in the municipality.

Export Bunkering Elsinore

Mærsk is bunkering green amoniak from Elsinore

Green hydrogen is produced by splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen in so-called electrolysis plants. The electrolysis works well with large renewable energy plants, because they can turn up and down the production, depending on whether there is a lot or little renewable energy in the grid and the prices are thus generally low or high.

Minting of DKK 1.25 billion DKK for a Power-to-X tender. It is with the Climate Agreement on energy and industry etc. 2020 agreed to establish a subsidy scheme for PtX facilities in the form of a government tender, financed by the proceeds from the sale of Danish RE shares to the Netherlands (NL), at min. 750 million The PtX tender is included as an initiative in the government's PtX strategy. The parties note that funding for the PtX offering in December 2021 was raised to 1.25 billion. DKK when selling additional RE shares to NL.

The purpose of the PtX offering is to support industrialization and upscaling of PtX production in Denmark and thereby reduce the costs in connection with green hydrogen production. It must promote Denmark's business and export potentials within the PtX area. In that strategy, Elsinore is a strategically important piece.

With the world's largest shipping company, Maersk is a leader in the development of Power To X and wants three stands placed in a water depth of approx. 18 m. Off Trykkerdammen in Elsinore.
In order to also be able to service the very large ships that can not enter Copenhagen, a new cruise and supply quay is planned all the way to Snekkersten, to which there will be a direct connection to the upcoming RING6 and the upcoming HH connection.

Elsinore as Export hub

Hydrogen tank Helsingør
Det gamle Biogas net skal tryktestes og bruges til hydrogen tankstationer der derved kan have trykbeholder lager på Energivej

A PtX task force has now been set up to support a Danish hydrogen market and infrastructure

The parties to the agreement agree that there is a need to develop regulation of the market for hydrogen in Denmark and the EU, as well as contribute to helping the players with different challenges, including in connection with. location of PtX systems eg in relation to electricity and district heating networks and complicated regulatory action.

It is also the task force's purpose to ensure uniform rules for documentation of green hydrogen as well as to develop tools that promote socio-economically appropriate placement of PtX plants and utilization of surplus heat. As part of the task force, a PtX secretariat will be set up to act as contact point and assist project developers and authorities with guidance on approval procedures

It is in this connection that Helsingør Municipality " itself must enter the fight " and draw attention to the potential of establishing an electrolysis station in Skibstrup .

Denmark has a large number of companies that are ready with technology and expertise across the entire PtX value chain. At the same time, we have large RE resources. The rest of Europe has also opened its eyes to green hydrogen and PtX, and large markets will emerge in our neighboring countries until 2030 and 2050. Therefore, there is great business and export potential in the PtX area for Denmark.

The PTX plant in Elsinore will draw renewable energy resources from the new Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm a few km. north of Skibstrup, which is now being advanced and will be completed in 2026

Export Bunkering Elsinore

Gilleleje havn
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The brand-new proposal for a PtX-strategy places export of Danish PtX-technologies as one of the national benchmarks for the country’s green transition by 2030.

Recent PtX-analyses underline the promising potential for hydrogen and PtX-exports to neighbouring countries like Germany and Baltic.

These plans harbour a huge export potential for Danish companies along the entire hydrogen value chain – from technologies for hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia production, to the establishment of PtX-infrastructure for direct export of hydrogen and all Power to X products.

The fact that with the expansion of a port facility in Elsinore, there will be the possibility of a larger buffer tank facility under a new cruise quay, which means that bunkering of all Ptx types can be done simultaneously and faster from all lake stands.

Development of Power-to-X (PtX)

Power-to-X (PtX)

Danish Energi is waving the flag, 4-6 GW of electrolysis capacity and a handshake to oblige Denmark to not only supply itself with green Power-to-X fuels for trucks, planes and ships - we must also be able to export green energy to the rest of the world when we reach 2030.

This is how it is stated in two very central points in the agreement on Power-to-X strategy, which a broad majority in the Folketing has entered into (15 March 2022)
And that makes Dansk Energi shake up flag.

Danish District Heating: Direction and economy
The agreement helps to boost the development of Power-to-X (PtX) in Denmark and contains both direction and economy for the further route forward. The agreement focuses on the fact that PtX produces large amounts of surplus heat, which can be utilized to advantage in the district heating system.

- Utilization of surplus heat will benefit both the economy of PtX plants and the heat price for Danish district heating customers. The agreement sends a good and clear signal to industry and the energy sector that the location of plants near our collective heating network should be prioritized so that we can continue the Danish tradition of efficient use of energy

Power-to-X requires lots of green power
The government will present a plan for renewable energy development on land and sea in Denmark, which ensures that Denmark can be a net exporter of green energy - also in the light of the new ambitious PtX target.

A target of 4 - 6 GW electrolysis systems can create reductions of 2.5 - 4.0 million. tonnes of CO2 in 2030, including up to 2 million. tonnes in the Danish accounts.